If you ever get the chance to travel to Gesturi or the surrounding areas, you MUST stay at Cortis Antigas. We had a reservation at S’Apposentu (one of the few Michelin starred restaurants in Santorini) which was why we stayed there. The area is remote, there are small towns that dot the countryside, and not a lot of english speakers. You will find some wineries as well as old ruins, which make great day trips. Cortis Antigas was renovated on the inside but the original structure and stones all remain the same. I believe it used to be a 17th century monastery? We loved how quaint and unique it was. The experience was truly amazing. Everything inside is handmade by the owner’s family, even the jam came from his mother. We had some good conversations with the owner about travels, politics and the power of technology. All in all, one of our most memorable stays in Santorini. We look forward to returning there. Only one word of caution, the streets of Gesturi are narrow with lots of tight corners. Don’t rent a large car, it’ll be hard to get around.